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Come in for the Experience
Return for the Results

Jabez Bodyworks

I don't practice, I get results.

The Happiness Guarantee:
Should you be dissatisfied with my services after the first visit
I will refund your money. No Questions Asked.

Choose Your Experience

  • Completed 2-year professional training in Eastern Therapy.

  • Focused on the art and education of massage therapy

  • Genuine concern for the clients

  • Committed to excellence and results

  • Convenient appointment times available

01  Japanese Anma Massage

02  Taj Mat

03  Deep Tissue Massage

04  Clothes on Massage

05  Heated Massage Table

06  Relaxing and Quiet Studio

Cancellation Policy: Please cancel 24-hours before your appointment. Otherwise, you will be automatically charged for your scheduled time.

01  $150 for 75 Minutes

02  (3)-75 Minutes Sessions  $399

03  Gift Certificates 

Relaxing experience tailored for your individual needs and ailments.

Custom bodywork based on individual needs

Assessment with every treatment

Taj Mat

Extra wide table with 3" memory foam

Quiet Stress Free Environment 

Heated Massage Table

Leg elevation pillow for lower back and hip circulation

Copper Water Cooler

Joan Hoffman, LMT

I don't practice, I get results



Joan really knows the body. Her goals are to get you better so you don’t need her, except for a touch up. Better than anyone I have ever known.



I have been going to Joan to work on my body for the past 2 years. Her love of contribution and healing is powerful. I adore her technique of Japanese Anma. Book her now, her book fills up quickly! 


Joan has helped me with a high-paced busy lifestyle combined with a progressive running and cycling routine. She has worked out knots I didn’t know I had. Over time, they have lessened. Athletes and non-athletes benefit. Busy moms and dads, professionals, aching people, tired people, stressed people, even people who feel great can feel greater!




Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have been pain free for the past 3 days. I am able to get up from sitting position without holding onto something. Thank you again... You are the best!



Joan emanates a warm and welcoming spirit that allows her clients to be instantly comfortable in her care. She uses great technique throughout her massage therapy and has helped with relief of injuries I’ve had for years. Not only is Joan a perfectionist in educating herself on ways to provide relaxation and pain relief for all clients, she is willing to research ways to help each client as one would for a close family member. Working with Joan is by far the best and most relaxing experience I’ve ever had.


I work for UPS, where I am constantly on the move. Driving, lifting, and jumping in and out of a truck all day. My body is key to making all this happen and I find that I can’t stay away from nagging pains in my body.

Just from one session with Joan, all of these pains were exposed and she treated each one. I left her feeling relief and some soreness but now  find my body to feel much better than it has in months. No shoulder pain and no foot pain is such a blessing. I can’t say enough about Joan and I will be back and refer all my co-workers to her so I don’t have to hear them complain anymore.



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